• Hiking excursion NP Biokovo

    Nature Park Biokovo – summit Sv. Jure 1762 m – approximately 8 hours of walking

    Biokovo – a mountain with its roots firmly planted in the sea and head in the clouds. Every step to the highest peak of Sveti Jure at 1762 m above sea level will be rewarded tenfold with panoramic views of the sea and islands, of the Dalmatian Hinterland, the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring Italy. Biokovo is home to 87 churches and chapels. Along with its proud heights the mountain also has hidden depths. There are over 400 caverns and caves. Some of them are eternally covered in snow and ice which defy even the hottest sunny days. People have inhabited Biokovo even before the advent of writing. This mountain is an old home that has preserved its ancient nature.

    Sv. Jure is the highest peak of Biokovo and the second highest peak in the Republic of Croatia. This stone peak with a small plateau is home to a large building of the TV and telecommunication transmission facility in an enclosed area. The peak point itself, marked with a geodetic pillar, is in this enclosed area, and therefore not accessible to hikers. Outside of the fenced area, there is the picturesque chapel of St. George.

    The peak offers a remarkable view of the Biokovo plateau and its numerous sinkholes. In good weather, visitors to the peak can also see the field of Imotsko polje and the contours of the Apennines across the sea in Italy.

    This hiking excursion is intended for hikers:
    • who enjoy longer hiking trails
    • who are in good shape and can walk 8 h
    • who want to experience the view from the second highest peak in Croatia
    • who want to experience the unbelievable beauty of Nature Park Biokovo
    • who want to experience a fantastic view of the sea from the summit of Biokovo
    • who are guided by expert guides.

    Excursion plan:
    Departure every Wednesday from April 15 through Sept. 15 2018.
    – 5.15 h Pick up from your address (hotel, hostel, apartment, etc.)
    – 5.30 h depart from Roosweltova 44, Split – Zagvozd (Split – Zagvozd – Milići 70 km – approximately 1 h drive; Milići – mountain hut under Vošac – 50 km – 1.5 h drive)
    – 7.00 h entrance into Nature Park Biokovo and hiking tour start
    – 12.00 h arrival at peak Sveti Jure (1762 m)
    – 12. 30 h descent towards the mountain hut under Vošac
    – 15.30 h mountain hut under Vošcac – lookout
    – 16.30 h return trip to Split (drive 130 km – 2.5 h)
    – 19.00 h arrival in Split

    Length of trail: approximately 8 hour walk
    Ascent: 1220 m – approximately 5 km
    Total drive: 190 km

    Fitness difficulty: K 3
    Technical difficulty: T 2

    Food: each hiker carries his/her own food and water.
    • food which is not sensitive to heat
    • fruit (apples, oranges, dried fruit)
    • energy bars
    • rehidromix (rehydration mix)

    Equipment needed:
    • backpack (20-30 l)
    • hiking shoes
    • pants, long
    • swim suit
    • towel
    • quick dry shirts
    • wind breaker
    • cap or hat
    • sunscreen
    • sunglasses
    • mini first aid kit
    • small knife
    • flashlight
    • cell phone

    Before registering and paying for the trip please fill out the PZ.

    Shortly thereafter you will receive an e-mail confirmation if this type of trip is appropriate for you. This is followed by reservation payment.

    Included in the price:
    • transport
    • organization of the trip
    • licensed (UIMLA) guide
    • insurance policy by Triglav osiguranje

    Not included in the price:
    • entrance ticked to NP Biokovo
    • food and drinks for the day
    • souvenirs
    • snack in one of the local establishments
    • tip for the guide

    • in case the excursion is cancelled due to bad weather conditions it is possible to choose a different excursion with a different date
    • in case the excursion is cancelled due to bad weather conditions a refund of the reservation payment will be awarded with a 5% hold for bank transaction costs
    • The conditions for a refund are as follows:
    – Cancellation requested up to 7 days before the Transfer – 95% refund (will be awarded with a 5% hold for bank transaction costs)
    – Cancellation requested up to 24 hrs before the Transfer – 80% refund
    – Cancellation requested within 24 hrs of the Transfer – no refund

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